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The Office Baby Shower: A Celebration All Coworkers Can Enjoy

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Co-ed baby showers have become increasingly common. Unlike the girls-only parties of earlier generations, men are welcome. The themes and decorations aren’t quite as frilly and the food is more likely to be barbecue than finger sandwiches, but the focus is still on the joy of a new addition to a family. If you’re throwing a baby shower at the office, the co-ed trend is a welcome upgrade that is inclusive – and usually more fun than most mandated team building exercises. Read More»

How To Sleep On An Airplane Without Waking Up Stiff

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Traveling by plane typically means many hours of being in a seat that isn’t always comfortable until you arrive at your destination. While you are traveling, it’s always best to get some sleep since you will have to take the time to get your bags and catch a ride to your home, relatives’, or hotel upon arrival, which can take a great deal of energy. However, sleeping on a place can be rather uncomfortable and you may find yourself waking up quite stiff. Read More»