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A Worker's Guide To Finding Quality Boots

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Are you aware that 75 percent of people in the United States will at some point have foot problems? While wear and tear is inevitable, you have a lot of power to avoid such problems by deciding on the right type of footwear. This is incredibly important when choosing the footwear that will protect you during long work days when performing manual labor. If you want help selecting work boots that are comfortable and able to ward off unnecessary foot problems, read on and internalize these guidelines. Read More»

You Think It's Okay To Buy Used Pointe Shoes Online? Think Again

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If you are a ballet dancer, you have probably dreamed about going on Pointe since the first ballet class. Many dancers who have yet to use Pointe shoes think it is fine to order used shoes online in order to practice or prepare. This is a bad idea, and here’s why: They Are Not Fitted to Your Feet There is more to Pointe shoes than just walking around the studio on your toes. Read More»