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Choosing Swimwear That's Better For The Planet

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Swimwear is something you put on when you're about to go enjoy nature. You wear it to sunbathe in the sand or swim in the ocean. If you want to keep enjoying nature in this way, then it's important to take care of nature. And actually, that's something you can do by making smarter, more sustainable choices when buying swimwear. How do you find swimwear that's good for the planet? Well, there are a few key things to look for.

Sustainable Material

First, check that the material the bathing suit is made from is good for the planet. You want to stay away from standard nylon and spandex, as these are basically plastic compounds that create pollution and break down very slowly in landfills. Here are a few more sustainable materials used to create swimwear:

  • Recycled plastic: This can be used to make a nice, stretchy material similar to the spandex you're probably used to.
  • Bamboo: It sounds like an unlikely bikini material, but bamboo can be grown really sustainably without the use of pesticides, and when made into thin threads, it is actually quite soft.
  • Organic cotton: Although swimwear made from 100% cotton is not very comfortable, you can find some nice bathing suits made from mostly organic cotton with a little recycled plastic woven in for stretch. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides.

Long Lifespan

The longer you are able to keep a bathing suit, the less waste you'll be generating, regardless of what the bathing suit is made from. So, if possible, look for a bathing suit with some sort of warranty or guarantee. If you can't find this in the information provided by the company, look for reviews. Try to buy a bathing suit that previous purchasers have been able to get several years' worth of use from.

Business Practices That Give Back

Also, look into the business practices of the company that makes the bathing suit. There are a lot of sustainable swimwear companies that donate a portion of their proceeds to organizations that help the planet. For instance, you may find a company that supports sea turtle rescue, or one that supports efforts to clean up plastic on the beach. If your swimwear purchase can help sustainability in this way, why not?

The beaches will only continue to be beautiful if humans work together to take care of them! By buying sustainable bikinis, you can help do exactly that.