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How To Keep A Tee-Shirt From Coming Untucked

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Sometimes, your look is simply completed by wearing a tee-shirt underneath. This is especially a good idea if your overshirt is itchy or uncomfortable. If you are wearing a tee-shirt as an undershirt, you might want to make sure that your shirt doesn't come untucked. Tucking your shirt back in doesn't look great, and you may not even realize that you're doing it because you have to tuck your shirt in so many times in one day. Here are some ways to address the problem.


There are several things you might do throughout the day that might cause your shirt to become untucked. You might bend over, sit down, or raise your arms. If you pay attention to whenever you're performing these actions, you can try to avoid having your shirt become untucked. 

Shirttail Garters

There are some tools that can help keep your shirt tucked in, such as a shirttail garter. This tool is designed to apply downward pressure so that your shirt will not ride up and will instead remain tucked in. The garter is also underneath your pants, so no one will see the garter. Other options, such as magnetic pins, do not hold as long.

Rubber Belts and Magnets

Another option is a rubber belt. This is a belt that you wear underneath your overshirt that is meant to hold your undershirt in place. These belts come with tiny fingers or knobs that are designed to hold the belt in place and keep the shirt from sliding up. Another option is to use a device that relies on magnets. The flat part of the magnet is placed on the inside of your shirt. There is a square part that is placed on the outside of your shirt. However, these are sometimes not used because they create a bulge underneath your shirt. 

Buying the Right Tee-Shirt

If you are not wearing your shirt as an undershirt, but you still want to tuck it in, you'll want to consider whether your tee-shirt covers your rear. You'll also want to consider if the hem falls above your wrist. 

When purchasing a men's ultra-soft flowy tee-shirt, make sure to buy one that fits you as well as possible. If it's too small, the tee-shirt won't look right and will be uncomfortable. But if the tee-shirt is too large, it will be more likely to not remain tucked in, and you'll need to use other methods to keep the tee-shirt in place.