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A Woobie - The Perfect Gift For Veterans

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If you are trying to figure out what to buy as a gift for a friend or family member who is a veteran and you've never served in the military yourself, you may be scratching your head. There's little doubt that serving in the United States Armed Forces changes a person's likes and dislikes. However, there is one thing that most military service members all adore: the woobie. Here's a basic rundown on what a woobie is, why it's cherished by service members and veterans, and how you can purchase one. 

What Is a Woobie? 

A woobie is an endearing name for a poncho liner. The official name for this beloved piece of equipment is "liner, wet weather, poncho." It's essentially a quilted liner to be worn underneath the wet-weather poncho. It consists of a polyester filling sandwiched between two layers of nylon in a camouflage colorway and sewn up the sides and quilted throughout the fabric. It has rivets in the corners and strings or snaps along the edges so it can be secured into the poncho or to itself to be worn as a lightweight poncho. 

Why Are Woobies Cherished? 

Woobies can be used for so many other things besides what they were intended for, such as a makeshift pillow, a blanket, a mattress pad, and a seat cushion. They can also be used as a sunshade to shield the harsh sun in the desert or to create a shelter to sleep under when combined with a second woobie. Think in terms of a blanket fort here.

Woobies are made to dry quickly, so they can also be used as towels. And the insulation that the polyester fillings of woobies provide makes them perfect to keep food hot until guard duty is over. Basically, a woobie is a military service member's go-to piece of equipment because it can be used for so many different things. 

Where Can You Buy a Woobie? 

Woobies can be purchased at any military clothing and sales store, but since that's not an option for civilians, you can purchase woobies through military surplus stores. Woobies do come in various colors and camouflage colorways, depending on which branch and what time they were manufactured. If possible, try to match the service branch and time frame to when your friend or relative served so the woobie you purchase for them will be exactly the same as to what they had while serving in the military. The sales associate will be able to help you.