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Customized Wristband Ideas For Special Events

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If you're hosting a special event and want to give your guests a personalized favor or parting gift without spending a lot of money, consider treating them to customized wristbands. They're usable and will make a lasting impression without breaking the bank.

Customized wristbands are convenient in that you can order them online and don't have to go from store to store looking for the perfect styles. Also, if you buy them in a bulk, you may be able to purchase them at a discount.

Personalized wristbands will make great guest gifts for a wide variety of special events and occasions, such as kids' and adults' birthday parties, family get-togethers and reunions, holiday celebrations, anniversary soirees, graduations, and baby and bridal showers. You can have them printed with anything you'd like, from specific words and phrases to designs. You can also use jewelry to commemorate a special date.

Here are a few customized wristband ideas to get you started:

1. Birthday Parties

Have the wristbands printed with the celebrant's name and birthday to help guests remember the fun they had on the special day. For a child's birthday, include his or her favorite design, such as cats, dogs, dinosaurs, unicorns, or hearts as an extra special touch.

You can also include phrases such as "baby's 1st birthday," or "happy birthday," followed by the celebrant's name. Choose wristband's in the birthday girl's or boy's favorite color or birthstone, such as ruby red for July, sapphire blue for September, or pink for October babies.

Hand out the wristbands by themselves during the party or include them as part of a thoughtful gift bag filled with other small goodies, such as candy, erasers, stickers, or toys.

2. Baby and Bridal Showers

For baby showers, choose either pink or blue wristbands, or choose a gender-neutral color such as green or yellow. Have the bands customized with the shower or baby's due date, along with the infant's name if you know it.

You can also include a whimsical design to reflect the theme of the party, such as rubber ducks, princesses, puppies, or zoo animals. Include them in gift bags along with candy pacifiers as a fun touch.

For bridal showers, choose wristbands in either white or the wedding colors, such as purple and grey, along with the wedding date and the couple's names. Design ideas include diamond rings, wedding bells, doves, and cakes. For more information, check out customized wristbands online.