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Are You Having A Cowboy-Themed Christmas This Year?

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Do you like to select a theme for your Christmas shopping every year? For example, perhaps one year the theme you selected was Sports, and everybody on your Christmas list received things like athletic shoes, running shorts, and other sports-related items. If you have decided that this Christmas will have a Cowboy or a Cowgirl theme, you are more than likely in for some really fun shopping. From selecting colorful bandanas to shopping for western boots, here are some ideas that might help you to put a big smile on the face of the recipient of your Christmas gifts. 

Little Gifts - Of course, it's likely that not everybody on your list will receive expensive gifts, right? For example, you may give small gifts to the gals in your book club or to the guys you golf with. Workers in the front office of your child's school probably will receive just a thinking-of-you-this-Christmas gift, too. For those smaller gifts, consider giving colorful bandanas, but add interest to that gift by tying it around something that fits the recipient. For example, the gals in your book club might get a bandana that is tied around a new best seller book. The gals at the school's front office might get a bandana that is attached to a huge chocolate candy bar. Just use your imagination when you shop. For instance, you could buy earrings that have a western look to them for women and western bolo ties for the guys. 

Big Gifts - You will more than likely be everybody's hero if you select western boots for those who will be receiving important gifts. For example, if you are a man who is shopping for your wife, think of getting snazzy leather western boots that have colors like turquoise or red in the design. If you are a woman shopping for your sweetheart, consider buying hand-tooled leather western boots in black or brown. To make the gift even more impressive, consider giving the recipient of the western boots a leather belt with a sterling silver buckle. Are there little kids on your Christmas list? Can you imagine the delight your little daughter or granddaughter will feel if they receive pink or red western boots on Christmas morning? And, think of the grins on your little guy's face when he get cowboy boots just like the big guys wear.

Whether the recipient will be receiving a small gift like a bandana or a larger gift like cowboy boots, consider wrapping them in brown paper and tying them with rope, just to add to the western theme.