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How To Sleep On An Airplane Without Waking Up Stiff

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Traveling by plane typically means many hours of being in a seat that isn't always comfortable until you arrive at your destination. While you are traveling, it's always best to get some sleep since you will have to take the time to get your bags and catch a ride to your home, relatives', or hotel upon arrival, which can take a great deal of energy. However, sleeping on a place can be rather uncomfortable and you may find yourself waking up quite stiff. Here's how you can sleep on an airplane without this happening:

Try to Get a Non-Stop Flight

When you are traveling by airplane, it's always best to try and get a non-stop flight. If you get a flight that stops once or twice before arriving at your destination, it's almost impossible to get enough sleep. You are sure to wake up groggy because you will be getting up and down so often, which doesn't give you enough time to reach a deep sleep.

Try to Catch a Night Flight

Another thing to do is get a night flight that allows you to sleep when your body is normally ready for it. Sleeping in the middle of the afternoon or in the morning after already getting a full night's rest is sure to leave you groggy because it will take you longer to actually fall asleep on the flight. 

Try to Fly During an Unpopular Day

Flying in the middle of the week is usually the best way to get lucky and end up with an extra seat next to you on the flight. This way, you can actually stretch out and not have to worry about getting up for someone who has to use the restroom. 

Try to Buy a First-Class Ticket

If you can afford it, buying a first-class ticket is the best way to get enough rest on the plane. This is because you actually can stretch out and the seats are larger and tend to be more comfortable. You can usually even fit a large pillow behind your head and under your legs to really get comfortable. 

Always Bring a Travel Pillow

Bringing a travel pillow like GoSleep with you is the absolute best way to ensure that you do not wake up with a stiff neck. Getting enough sleep and being in a comfortable position will ensure that you aren't doing damage to your body. A travel pillow will keep your neck in a position that will not irritate it. This way, when you arrive at your destination, you won't be groggy or uncomfortable because of a stiff neck. 

When you know some of the tricks to getting the best sleep possible on an airplane, you can be sure that your travels do not cause you damage to your body that can make traveling less than enjoyable.