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Boutique Ruffled Outfit Ideas for Girls

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If you want a one-of-kind outfit for your little girl for a special event or holiday, start by looking at a local boutique such as Dash of Glitter. Unlike large, commercial chain retailers, boutiques typically sell specialty and sometimes handmade clothing and accessories for kids of all ages.

Your child's outfit will stand out from the crowd, since boutiques often have limited quantities of many pieces. Also, the small clothing retailers are more likely to be able to customize an item, such as with a monogram or special pattern, than their big-box store counterparts. 

When you need a stylish outfit for your child to wear to a birthday party or any other special occasion, consider buying ruffled pieces for a charming look. The ruffles will add a sweet touch to an otherwise everyday outfit. 

Here are some boutique-inspired ruffled outfit ideas for your girl.

1. Ruffled Skirt and Top Set 

If you're attending a spring or summer event, a ruffled skirt and t-shirt or tank-top set will make an ideal outfit. Choose either a full skirt with several tiers of ruffles for a girly look or a skirt with just a bottom ruffle for a less fussy appearance. If you prefer a fancier look, look for a skirt featuring white or cream-colored lace ruffles.

Depending on the temperature, finish the look with a matching t-shirt or tank top featuring ruffled sleeve details. Some tops have delicate ruffles around the necklines as well. 

2. Ruffled Dress 

Perfect for when you just want to put your daughter in just one adorable piece and go, a ruffled dress is easy and convenient but also fashionable. If you don't want to spend time mixing and matching clothing items, one stand-out dress is just the ticket.

The boutique-worthy dresses can feature tiers of ruffles from top to bottom, cute sleeve and neckline ruffles, or just one large ruffle at the bottom. Keep the look casual with sandals or dress it up with shiny, patent-leather shoes. 

3. Ruffled Pant and Top Sets 

Another popular boutique-inspired look for young girls is the ruffled pant and top set. The stretchy cotton pants typically features two or three rows of ruffles at the bottom of the leg and come in both full- or ankle-length styles. The legging patterns and ruffle patterns often differ while complementing each other. For example, chevron stripes might go with polka dots. 

The matching tunic-length tops typically also have ruffles at the wrists, around the bottom, or in both locations.