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Looking Trendy On The Golf Course: Style Tips For The Lady Golfer

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Golfing is a fun sport, and for many women, a great way to get out and get some exercise while socializing with friends and family. While it is still largely considered a man's sport, golf is growing among women, with 19% of golfers reportedly being female. If golf is something you love, you can accessorize your sport in fun ways with beautiful, comfortable, and trendy clothing you will love. Here are some ideas for styling yourself while out on the green.

Lovely pastels

The lighter the hues you wear out on the green, the less heat you will feel on your body. Pastel colors reflect light while dark colors absorb it, and since golf is an outdoor sport, you want to stay protected from the sun as much as possible. Stick to gorgeous pastels in your golf shorts and capris, such as:

  • mint green
  • sherbet orange
  • soft yellow
  • baby pink
  • violet

A crisp white polo shirt or open V-neck tee complete your look for being fresh and comfortable while out on the course. If you want a splash of color, limit it to your golf socks or jewelry accessories (a bracelet or pair of colorful studs, for example).

Fit and flair

Your clothing should fit snugly without being too tight, allowing for ample movement for that perfect swing. Opt for high-waisted pants or shorts that move with your body when you bend to retrieve your ball and cotton shirts that can be easily tucked in to avoid showing skin as you play. Keep in mind that the golf course you frequent may have a dress code that you need to adhere to, limiting your ability to wear tank tops, belly-baring tees, or low-rise shorts, making clothing options with an easy fit all the more important.


Your shoes are one of the most important parts of your attire, and they should be comfortable, closed-toe, and breathable. Wear shoes that have ample grip in them for walking on the green, and opt for styles with heel, toe, and arch cushioning in them so you can walk long distances without having to stop to rest your aching toes. If you stick with white or neutral shoes, they will better match the rest of your attire. Stick to white, cream, tan, or a solid-hued shoe in a neutral tone with a bold color stripe if you want to stand out.

You can golf the day away and feel trendy in doing so with the right attire. Comfort, fit, and color are what golfing clothing is all about.