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Bridal Party Gift Ideas For A Western Wedding

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A western-themed wedding can carry you through both the ceremony and the reception. Whether you are wed on horseback or simply plan an outdoor event on a farm or ranch, you will likely want to make sure you stick to the theme for every aspect of your big day. This is especially true when choosing gifts for the bridal party. The following are ideas for both the groomsmen and the bridesmaids.

Say Thanks With Jewelry

Something that they can wear during the wedding and then continue to treasure afterward makes the perfect gift. For the bridesmaids, consider matching jewelry, such as cowboy boots bracelets or charm bracelets with a matching theme from a company like Southpaw Beadworks. For the groomsmen, consider gifting matching bolo ties outfitted with silver and turquoise sliders. Or, you can match their gift to the bridesmaids, perhaps by presenting them with cowboy boot cufflinks.

Consider Specialty Clothing Items

Another gift that can be worn to the wedding is a custom clothing item. Custom cowboy hats or boots work well as gifts for the entire bridal party. They also give your party a more collected look since they will all match on the day of the wedding. If you are on a tighter budget, gift the ladies with western-style scarves and present the gentlemen with monogrammed handkerchiefs.

Don't Overlook Edible Gifts

Not all bridal party gifts have to be worn. Present groomsmen and bridesmaids with a basket of goodies that bring to mind the farm, such as preserves and fancy crackers. If you are getting married on a specialty farm or ranch, they may even have some of their products available that you can purchase as gifts. They may even have items preassembled into gift baskets, which will make it even easier. If wine or beer is appropriate, consider gifting nice bottles of wine or a six pack of craft beer, complete with bottle openers shaped like boots or horseshoes.

Look to Leather for Inspiration

Leather is the backbone of many a western wedding. One gift idea for the guys is to have custom tooled belts prepared for each groomsmen. Leather jewelry, such as cuff-style bracelets, can be custom tooled for the bridesmaids. Another option is leather wallets for the gents and small leather clutches for the ladies.

Whatever option you choose, get it personalized to make it more special. You can have charms engraved with the recipients monogram or with the date of the wedding, for example. This will make your gift even more sentimental for your bridal party.