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Five Wardrobe Essentials For The New Professional Woman

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As a new professional woman fresh out of college, you will need to learn how to dress for success. Chances are your budget is still small as you begin to establish yourself into your new career. The following five essentials will get you started, and then you can build up your wardrobe for there.

#1: Dress Pants or Skirts

Tailored wool blend pants have the necessary quality to last, since wool is a durable material that retains its shape and hang through multiple wearings and cleanings. If you wear skirts, opt for a classic A-line style since this will work well with a variety of tops. For pants, stick with a couple of pairs in a neutral color, such as khaki, navy, black, or gray. A skirt is most versatile in black or charcoal gray. Having two or three pants or skirts allows you to rotate them through the week.

#2: A Blazer

A jacket can instantly make most outfits look more dressy. You can even pair a blazer with a t-shirt and dress pants for a professional ensemble. Choose a tailored jacket that falls to the center of the hips, since this style will complement most body shapes and outfit choices. A neutral black, navy, or gray provides the most versatility and won't look dated.

#3: Basic Blouses

The key with adding shirts into the wardrobe is to make sure they go with all of your bottoms and your blazer. This way, you can get away with owning just a couple of shirts until your budget allows for a wardrobe expansion. White shirts are the go-to for a young professional. You can add more interest by choosing shirts with various designs, such as a crisp tailored shirt, a ruffled shirt, and a short sleeve shirt.

#4: Shoes

There's no need to own several pairs of work shoes. One pair of comfortable black pumps or heels will work well with almost any outfit. They can even make the transition to evening attire, if you desire. Since you only need one pair, invest in a quality pair that fits well and is comfortable for a long day at work.

#5: A Cocktail Dress

The little black dress is a must for many young professionals, since you will need something to wear to outside work events, such as product launches, entertaining clients, or networking parties. Opt for a conservative cut – avoid low-cut or tight-fitting dresses for work use. Dresses that hit right above or at the knees and that aren't strapless are a safe bet for your for your first work cocktail dress.

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