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Three Things To Look For When Buying Diabetic Socks

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Someone who has diabetes often suffers from peripheral neuropathy, which can cause their feet to feel tingly or numb because of poor circulation of blood through the body and damage to vital nerves that travel throughout the body. This can be a very irritating and sometimes quite painful issue to have to live with on a daily basis. Fortunately, developments have been made in clothing that help individuals living with diabetes be able to live a more active, comfortable life through the use of diabetic socks. The following guide walks you through the special features that make diabetic socks so amazing for someone who suffers from peripheral neuropathy.

A Cuff that Doesn't Bind

When you wear a pair of socks, you want to be sure that the sock stays in place when you are running or walking, but do not want the cuff around your ankle to be so tight that it cuts off circulation to your foot. Diabetic socks have bind-free cuffs that are stretchy to keep the ankle of the sock in place without cutting off circulation to your foot.

A Sole that Is Plush and Cushioned

When you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, you will have tenderness in your feet. Having a cushioned sole on your socks will help to absorb some of the shock that occurs when you walk so that you can stay more comfortable throughout the day.

A Fitted, Seam-Free Sock

You want to be sure that your sock does not bunch while you are wearing it because it can cause blisters to form. Fitted socks that have a box toe often fit snugly on the foot without causing any rubbing to occur. Looking for a sock without seams is also important. Seams can often bunch when you are wearing them, which in turn causes blisters to form in the areas where the seams are located. Diabetic socks are often seam free to ensure this does not happen.

If you are on the hunt for diabetic socks for men or women, you can typically find them in just about any big box store, shoe store, drug store, or even online. Be sure that you take the time to read the details listed on the back of the packaging to ensure that the socks are designed for use by diabetics so that you can be certain that they will help you feel more comfortable when you wear them. Be sure that you choose the size that is designed to fit the exact shoe size you wear. Socks that are too small could cut off circulation to your foot while socks that are too large will not fit snugly and will move around inside of your shoes.