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4 Tips For Buying Plus-Size Swimsuits

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Summer is the time for swimsuit shopping, but if you wear plus sizes, you might find it more difficult. There are a few things that can help you find the perfect swimsuit for your body size and shape. Here are some tips for buying a plus-size swimsuit.

Buy Separates

There is a good chance that the size of your top half is not the same as your bottom half. You can get the perfect plus-size swimsuit by shopping for separates. This may include wearing a bikini, tankini, or any other version of a separate top and bottom swimsuit. You may have a pear-shaped body where you need a larger bottom than what you need for the top. By purchasing separates, you can mix and match colors and patterns while also getting a swimsuit that fits your body shape and size.

Take Measurements

Do not assume you know what size you wear without taking accurate measurements. Even if you try on a swimsuit and it fits okay, you might actually be a size smaller or bigger, and that other swimsuit would be perfect for you. Take measurements whether shopping in person or online, and look for swimsuits that coincide with that size. It is especially important when shopping online, since the retailer will include a size chart. Match your measurements to the appropriate size and you will have a swimsuit that fits you perfectly.

Consider Your Body Type

It is very important that you buy a swimsuit suited to your body type, not just one you think is pretty. This will make you feel more confident and look your best while wearing a swimsuit. For example, if your biggest problem area is your abdomen, you can get a one-piece swimsuit that has tummy control, or choose a top that helps to accentuate your breasts without drawing attention to your tummy. If you have a large bottom, choose a two-piece that includes a bottom with a swim skirt to cover it up and bring the attention to the rest of your body.

Choose the Colors and Patterns Carefully

When it comes to colors and patterns, going with a split-pattern design is best. This means your top pattern or color will be different than the bottom. Choose a solid color on the area of your body you like the least as it draws less attention than the bright, bold, and patterned ones. If you have a large bust and a small bottom half, choose a flower patterned bikini bottom with a solid color bikini top.

Don't be afraid to shop around when it comes to swimwear and other summer clothing, too. Visit a variety of online retailers, like Granger Owings Classic Clothiers, to find apparel that fits your style and body type.