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4 Tips For Buying Nursing Scrubs

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Whether you are just starting nursing school or are beginning an internship, you need to buy nursing scrubs. Scrubs are incredibly soft, come in many different colors, and have different styles as well. There is a lot to think about when you are shopping around for the perfect pair. Here are some helpful tips when buying your first set of scrubs.

Choose the Colors Wisely

Believe it or not, the color you choose has a lot more impact than you might imagine. First of all, scrub colors can depict your mood and actually relax others. Pink, violet and red scrubs all have a tendency to relax patients and make them feel comfortable around you. White scrubs are okay to get if you want to have more of a professional look, though they aren't preferred by many medical professionals. You will also find patterned scrubs if you want to have a little fun. Also keep in mind that your employer might be picky with the colors you choose, so find that out first.

Buy Novelty Scrubs When Working With Children

Novelty scrubs are ones with bright colors and fun characters on them. If you will be working with children, definitely have some fun with your scrubs if it is allowed. Children feel a lot more comfortable being cared for by a nurse that has chosen famous characters on them than plain blue scrubs. If your employer allows you to pick and scrubs you like, consider choosing ones with brighter colors and fun patterns or characters.

Select Quality Scrubs

You may be on a tight budget since your career is just starting, but you should never skimp on quality. You might be wearing your scrubs for 12-hour shifts, so they need to be soft and comfortable. Nurses are on their feet for nearly their entire shift, which requires the best quality materials possible. If you are going to local stores to buy scrubs, you will be able to touch and feel the material to find the best ones. However, if you are shopping discounted scrubs online, you will need to rely on the reputation of the company and past reviews from customers.

Consider the Style

It might seem like there is just one style of scrubs, but they actually come in several different styles. Fr example, the scrub shirts might be plain shirts, or shirts with chest pockets or lower pockets. Pockets are often preferred by nurses and other medical professionals as you might be carrying a lot of items during your shift, so they really come in handy. Some shirts for women also have a V-neck, empire waist, or mock wrap style. Scrub pants typically come in either elastic or drawstring, with or without pockets.