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A Worker's Guide To Finding Quality Boots

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Are you aware that 75 percent of people in the United States will at some point have foot problems? While wear and tear is inevitable, you have a lot of power to avoid such problems by deciding on the right type of footwear. This is incredibly important when choosing the footwear that will protect you during long work days when performing manual labor. If you want help selecting work boots that are comfortable and able to ward off unnecessary foot problems, read on and internalize these guidelines. 

What types of work boots should I get?

A lot of factors go into the type of work boots that you have at your disposal. For instance, steel toe boots are excellent, in that they protect your fragile toes from any objects that might fall on them. Depending on the nature of your worksite, this may be an excellent boot type to look into. If you work in a number of different weather conditions, you will want to avoid moisture by finding either water resistant or waterproof work boots. Further, you might be open to electrical shock or other similar hazards in your worksite — at which point hazard boots are essential. These hazard boots contain insulation that protect you from voltage. Take inventory of the type of work you conduct and choose your boot types accordingly.

How do I shop for the right material and construction style of work boot?

In addition to the style of boot that you wear, you will need to make sure that the boot is constructed with top-notch techniques. This approach is two-pronged – you will need to focus on durability and comfort throughout the duration of the wear. In terms of durability, you can't go wrong with boots that were constructed with the wall construction technique. This uses a mixture of synthetic material and leather on both soles for excellence and longevity. In terms of comfort, rubber soled boots absorb shock and allow you to move around freely. 

How can I get a feel for the fit of my work boots?

Make sure to try on the boots and walk around extensively before making any purchase. You should have enough room both at the tip and with the soles, without your foot moving freely to the point that you might roll an ankle. Further, choosing boots that are reinforced with different straps and laces gives you the added bit of security that you need during the course of a workday.

Shop around with different work boot manufacturers and don't be afraid to ask for help until you find the perfect match for your job. If you're looking for a place to start looking, visit Cowpokes.