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How To Sleep On An Airplane Without Waking Up Stiff

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Traveling by plane typically means many hours of being in a seat that isn’t always comfortable until you arrive at your destination. While you are traveling, it’s always best to get some sleep since you will have to take the time to get your bags and catch a ride to your home, relatives’, or hotel upon arrival, which can take a great deal of energy. However, sleeping on a place can be rather uncomfortable and you may find yourself waking up quite stiff. Here’s how you can sleep on an airplane without this happening: Try to Get a Non-Stop Flight When you are traveling by airplane, it’s always best to try and get a non-stop flight. If you get a flight that stops once or twice before arriving at your destination, it’s almost impossible to get enough sleep. You are sure to wake up groggy because you will be getting up and down so often, which doesn’t give you enough time to reach a deep sleep. Try to Catch a Night Flight Another thing to do is get a night flight that allows you to sleep when your body is normally ready for it. Sleeping in the middle of the afternoon or in the morning after already getting a full night’s rest is sure to leave you groggy because it will take you longer to actually fall asleep on the flight.  Try to Fly During an Unpopular Day Flying in the middle of the week is usually the best way to get lucky and end up with an extra seat next to you on the flight. This way, you can actually stretch out and not have to worry about getting up for someone who has to use the restroom.  Try to Buy a First-Class Ticket If you can afford it, buying a first-class ticket is the best way to get enough rest on the plane. This is because you actually can stretch out and the seats are larger and tend to be more comfortable. You can usually even fit a large pillow behind your head and under your legs to really get comfortable.  Always Bring a Travel Pillow Bringing a travel pillow like GoSleep with you is the absolute best way to ensure that you do not wake up with a stiff neck. Getting enough sleep and being in a comfortable position will ensure that you aren’t doing damage to your body. A travel pillow will keep your neck in a position that will not irritate it. This way, when you arrive at your destination, you won’t be groggy or uncomfortable because of a stiff neck.  When you know some of the tricks to getting the best sleep possible on an airplane, you can be sure that your travels do not cause you damage to your body that can make traveling less than...

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Fall Fashion Trends And How To Wear Them

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Fall has finally descended upon us as nature’s farewell to the warm weather in a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors. For some, the fall season is not a goodbye, but a hello to one of the most fashionable seasons. Layers such as hats, scarves, jackets and vests, dresses, skirts, leggings, jeans, and pants—it’s a season where almost anything goes and one that you can really showcase your own personality through your clothing. See below for some of the latest fall trends and how to wear them. Leopard Print Leopard print may not be something you have in your wardrobe, but you should. It’s a great print that is very versatile. If you aren’t too keen on wearing this print, try it out in smaller pieces such as a leopard print scarf paired with a solid color top such as wine/maroon, black, white, or even teal. Take it a step further and pair it with a black/white striped top to add more texture. Leopard print flats are also a great way to wear this print. Pair them with a solid black outfit topped with a tan colored cardigan, or a black/white striped dress and a pair of black leggings. Blanket Scarves Blanket scarves are very versatile, as you can wear them as a scarf, as a wrap, as a poncho, or add a belt around your waist (and scarf) for great look at the office. Blanket scarves come in a variety of colors and textures. Tartan plaid is a very popular print and can be paired with just about anything.  Boots  A nice transition from sandals and flip flops, boots pair well with skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses. Booties were very popular last year and are big again this year. Booties come in flats, wedges, and heels, some even have peep toes. Roll up your jeans when wearing booties to show just a little bit of ankle skin. Knee high boots are still popular as well. Wear them with slim fitting jeans (so they aren’t baggy at all), leggings, skirts and dresses. Duck boots were seen last year and are back again this year. They are a nice way to wear boots without looking too clunky. Pair duck boots with jeans or leggings along with a sweater or flannel and a warm vest. Hats Put those summer wide brim hats away and pull out a floppy felt (or wool) hat. These hats are being seen just about everywhere and can make your look even more polished. Wear them with your hair down in a more casual look. Pair it with a wool coat, wrapped in a poncho or blanket scarf, and your favorite booties or knee high boots.  Welcome the fall season with your favorite trends and showcase your personality through fashion. For more information or ideas, contact companies like Foxy Lady Siesta...

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Boutique Ruffled Outfit Ideas for Girls

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If you want a one-of-kind outfit for your little girl for a special event or holiday, start by looking at a local boutique such as Dash of Glitter. Unlike large, commercial chain retailers, boutiques typically sell specialty and sometimes handmade clothing and accessories for kids of all ages. Your child’s outfit will stand out from the crowd, since boutiques often have limited quantities of many pieces. Also, the small clothing retailers are more likely to be able to customize an item, such as with a monogram or special pattern, than their big-box store counterparts.  When you need a stylish outfit for your child to wear to a birthday party or any other special occasion, consider buying ruffled pieces for a charming look. The ruffles will add a sweet touch to an otherwise everyday outfit.  Here are some boutique-inspired ruffled outfit ideas for your girl. 1. Ruffled Skirt and Top Set  If you’re attending a spring or summer event, a ruffled skirt and t-shirt or tank-top set will make an ideal outfit. Choose either a full skirt with several tiers of ruffles for a girly look or a skirt with just a bottom ruffle for a less fussy appearance. If you prefer a fancier look, look for a skirt featuring white or cream-colored lace ruffles. Depending on the temperature, finish the look with a matching t-shirt or tank top featuring ruffled sleeve details. Some tops have delicate ruffles around the necklines as well.  2. Ruffled Dress  Perfect for when you just want to put your daughter in just one adorable piece and go, a ruffled dress is easy and convenient but also fashionable. If you don’t want to spend time mixing and matching clothing items, one stand-out dress is just the ticket. The boutique-worthy dresses can feature tiers of ruffles from top to bottom, cute sleeve and neckline ruffles, or just one large ruffle at the bottom. Keep the look casual with sandals or dress it up with shiny, patent-leather shoes.  3. Ruffled Pant and Top Sets  Another popular boutique-inspired look for young girls is the ruffled pant and top set. The stretchy cotton pants typically features two or three rows of ruffles at the bottom of the leg and come in both full- or ankle-length styles. The legging patterns and ruffle patterns often differ while complementing each other. For example, chevron stripes might go with polka dots.  The matching tunic-length tops typically also have ruffles at the wrists, around the bottom, or in both...

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Looking Trendy On The Golf Course: Style Tips For The Lady Golfer

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Golfing is a fun sport, and for many women, a great way to get out and get some exercise while socializing with friends and family. While it is still largely considered a man’s sport, golf is growing among women, with 19% of golfers reportedly being female. If golf is something you love, you can accessorize your sport in fun ways with beautiful, comfortable, and trendy clothing you will love. Here are some ideas for styling yourself while out on the green. Lovely pastels The lighter the hues you wear out on the green, the less heat you will feel on your body. Pastel colors reflect light while dark colors absorb it, and since golf is an outdoor sport, you want to stay protected from the sun as much as possible. Stick to gorgeous pastels in your golf shorts and capris, such as: mint green sherbet orange soft yellow baby pink violet A crisp white polo shirt or open V-neck tee complete your look for being fresh and comfortable while out on the course. If you want a splash of color, limit it to your golf socks or jewelry accessories (a bracelet or pair of colorful studs, for example). Fit and flair Your clothing should fit snugly without being too tight, allowing for ample movement for that perfect swing. Opt for high-waisted pants or shorts that move with your body when you bend to retrieve your ball and cotton shirts that can be easily tucked in to avoid showing skin as you play. Keep in mind that the golf course you frequent may have a dress code that you need to adhere to, limiting your ability to wear tank tops, belly-baring tees, or low-rise shorts, making clothing options with an easy fit all the more important. Shoes Your shoes are one of the most important parts of your attire, and they should be comfortable, closed-toe, and breathable. Wear shoes that have ample grip in them for walking on the green, and opt for styles with heel, toe, and arch cushioning in them so you can walk long distances without having to stop to rest your aching toes. If you stick with white or neutral shoes, they will better match the rest of your attire. Stick to white, cream, tan, or a solid-hued shoe in a neutral tone with a bold color stripe if you want to stand out. You can golf the day away and feel trendy in doing so with the right attire. Comfort, fit, and color are what golfing clothing is all...

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Top 5 Tips That Will Make Your Trip To The Laundromat Easier

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Whether your apartment doesn’t offer the use of a washer and dryer or the units in your home break down, you’ll want to take steps to make your trip to the local laundromat easier. This will save you both time and money and make the task of cleaning your clothes a more pleasant one.  Prepare Your Clothes at Home Don’t wait until you get to the laundromat to get your garments ready for the washing machine. Instead, while you are still at home, pre-treat any clothes that have stains and separate them by color. Next, gather together enough quarters to use the machines and place them with the laundry.  Inspect the Equipment Since the washers and dryers are used multiple times throughout the course of the day by people you don’t know, it is always best to inspect the machines before you use them. Look for left behind socks, stuck-on gum, or residue on the inside of the drum. You’ll also want to take a quick peek to make sure there are no “out of order” signs posted on the equipment.  Use a Laundry App Download a laundry app to your Smartphone to make the chore a little easier. There are laundry apps that will help you locate the closest laundromat to your home, provide you with washing tips, and let you set a timer so that you’ll know exactly when your wash is done being cleaned or dried. The timer is especially helpful if you get lost in a book while you’re waiting for your garments to be done.  Be Strategic With the Dryer Save your quarters by first shaking each piece of clothing as you remove it from the washer. Toss it into the dryer and select the amount of time you think it will take to dry your load. Don’t give in to the impulse to check the dryer half way through, as this will ultimately make the laundry take longer to fully dry out. Instead, keep track of how long it takes for your clothes to dry so that you’ll know the precise time future loads will take.  Bring Hangers Once your dryer beeps and you’ve determined that your clothing is completely free of moisture, you can begin folding each item. This prevents wrinkles from setting in during the ride back home. If you cleaned any blouses for work or dresses, you’ll want to make sure you have a few hangers on hand. After slipping the clothing on the hangers, simply drape the pieces over your laundry basket until you can hang them up in your closet.  For more information, contact local professionals like South Street...

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Remember These Tips When You Shop For Baseball Cleats

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If you’ve decided that you’re going to get back into playing baseball as an adult, your first priority will be to buy the right equipment. While a glove and bat are important, don’t discount the value of a good pair of cleats — they’ll provide you with traction whether you’re playing defense, swinging, or running the bases, which can help you avoid the injuries that could occur from slipping and falling while wearing conventional running shoes. Whether you shop online or at an in-person retailer, here are some tips to make sure that you get the right pair of cleats to help you succeed on the diamond. Think About Your Game Even though you’re new to baseball as an adult, you likely played the sport as a child. Using this information, as well as an honest assessment of your athleticism, think about how you expect to play the game. If you’re in top shape, for example, you’ll likely be a speedster and could find yourself playing center field and trying to stretch singles in the doubles. If you’re heavy and not overly mobile, you may end up playing first base. Your game will influence the cleats that you buy; speedy players often favor low-cut cleats, while heavier players prefer high-cut models due to their ankle support. Knowing this information will help you refine your search. Metal Versus Plastic Metal cleats aren’t allowed in softball, but if you’ve enrolled in a baseball league, you’ll be able to wear metal cleats if that’s your choice. You have the option, however, of wearing metal cleats or plastic cleats. Each has its advantages. The former provides the highest degree of traction whether you’re on the infield or outfield. Some baseball shoes have removable cleats, allowing you to switch between metal and plastic with a small wrench. This can be ideal if you expect to play a little softball, too, as you’ll be able to switch to plastic cleats. Leather Versus Synthetic Leather cleats are an ideal choice for their durability, as the leather should last you for several years. Some players favor synthetic cleats, however, because they’re typically more affordable — although the degree of affordability ranges significantly based on the brand and style of the shoes. Leather cleats will often allow for better air circulation, due to the breathability of the natural material. This is ideal if your feet typically sweat profusely or if you live in a hot climate. Head on over to a store like Finley Shoe Store to begin your search for the right pair of...

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Two Tips For Caring For Your Leather Shoes

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Finding a comfortable pair of leather, wide-width shoes that also look stylish can be a rather difficult task for individuals to do. As a result, it is essential for you to take exceptional care of these shoes to ensure that they last for as long as possible. To this end, you may need to use the following couple of tips to help the shoes avoid some common sources of wear and tear. Apply A Leather Conditioner Every Few Months Over the course of time, the oils in the leather will start to dry out. This can cause the leather to appear dull, become brittle and hard. In addition to making the shoes less attractive and uncomfortable, this can also expose the leather to a greater risk of tearing. You can help to minimize this hazard by making sure to regularly apply a leather conditioner to your shoes. This conditioner will add essential oils to the leather, which can help to prevent it from drying out. Before applying this conditioner, make sure that you thoroughly clean the shoes to prevent dirt or dust from interfering with the leather’s ability to absorb the oil. When cleaning the shoes, use a dry microfiber cloth to gently wipe down the leather to remove these substances. Keep The Humidity Stable When Storing The Shoes Humidity swings can be a major threat to leather shoes that are being stored. When the leather is exposed to high humidity levels for a protracted period of time, they can develop mold and start rot. If the humidity is too low, the leather may prematurely dry out. In order to minimize this risk, you will want to make sure to place two-way humidity control packets or buckets in the room where your shoes are stored. These containers have a gel that can release moisture into the air when the humidity is too low, but it will absorb it when the humidity gets high. While these containers need to be replaced every few months, this can be a minor inconvenience when compared to the benefits of ensuring your shoes look great. Protecting your leather shoes against some of the more common forms of damage can be an easy task to overlook, but this mistake can drastically reduce the lifespan of your shoes. By making sure that you regularly apply leather conditioner and that you protect the shoes against humidity swings, you will be better able to ensure that your shoes are protected against these common types of wear and tear. For wide-width shoes, contact a company such as Butterfly...

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Tips For Selecting Your Bridal Wardrobe For Your Wedding Weekend

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Getting married is an exciting rite of passage that should be celebrated, but it also requires a great deal of planning. Not only will you need to select your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses, but you should also update your wardrobe for the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and honeymoon. If you are part of the 2.3 million couples who will wed this year, use this guide to ensure your bridal wardrobe is ready for your wedding weekend. Shower The bridal shower is a fun time to get together with not only the bridal party, but also your female friends and family. While a traditional option, you do not have to wear a dress. Choosing what to wear will depend on your shower’s location. If the shower will be held at a friend’s home, consider dressing casual. A pair of nice jeans and a blouse is sufficient. If you are having your shower at a more formal venue, consider wearing dress pants or capris with a white top. Pair with heels or flats in a bright and bold color. Creating your own bridal wear is a great way to spend time with your friends and family during the shower, as well. Allow each guest to decorate a plain white t-shirt with glitter, sequins, and paint. Consider using the decorations to spell out bride, maid of honor, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, etc. Not only will creating your own t-shirt give you something to wear, but it is also a fun way to celebrate with friends and family. Bachelorette Party Planning the attire for your bachelorette party will also depend on the plans and location. If you are planning a casual, fun night out on the town, wear a t-shirt that says bride. Or, accessorize a dressier outfit with a tiara or bridal-themed sash. Allow your bridesmaids and maid of honor to wear shirts that represent you. The shirts can say Team Bride or Bridal Team. Order custom shirts that feature your name and your soon-to-be last name. Honeymoon Departure You will most likely not want to wear your wedding dress as your depart for your honeymoon, but you do not need to wear a pink or white skirt and matching top. For a more modern take on the departure outfit, consider the following: Short Dress – Switch from your long wedding dress to a shorter cocktail version when leaving on your honeymoon. Add a pair of comfortable flats and a light sweater in case you get cold in the car or airplane. Casual – It is your special day, so if you want to dress casual, you can. If you are traveling to a tropical location, wear capris or shorts with a flowing blouse. Traveling to a colder environment to spend your honeymoon curled up in a cabin? Wear a pair of jeans and a chunky sweater when leaving for your honeymoon. When you are packing your bridal wardrobe for your wedding day weekend, think outside the normal realm of white dresses. Using these tips, you will be able to wear clothes suited to your personality. For more information, contact companies like Mario Rojas Custom...

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Bridal Party Gift Ideas For A Western Wedding

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A western-themed wedding can carry you through both the ceremony and the reception. Whether you are wed on horseback or simply plan an outdoor event on a farm or ranch, you will likely want to make sure you stick to the theme for every aspect of your big day. This is especially true when choosing gifts for the bridal party. The following are ideas for both the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. Say Thanks With Jewelry Something that they can wear during the wedding and then continue to treasure afterward makes the perfect gift. For the bridesmaids, consider matching jewelry, such as cowboy boots bracelets or charm bracelets with a matching theme from a company like Southpaw Beadworks. For the groomsmen, consider gifting matching bolo ties outfitted with silver and turquoise sliders. Or, you can match their gift to the bridesmaids, perhaps by presenting them with cowboy boot cufflinks. Consider Specialty Clothing Items Another gift that can be worn to the wedding is a custom clothing item. Custom cowboy hats or boots work well as gifts for the entire bridal party. They also give your party a more collected look since they will all match on the day of the wedding. If you are on a tighter budget, gift the ladies with western-style scarves and present the gentlemen with monogrammed handkerchiefs. Don’t Overlook Edible Gifts Not all bridal party gifts have to be worn. Present groomsmen and bridesmaids with a basket of goodies that bring to mind the farm, such as preserves and fancy crackers. If you are getting married on a specialty farm or ranch, they may even have some of their products available that you can purchase as gifts. They may even have items preassembled into gift baskets, which will make it even easier. If wine or beer is appropriate, consider gifting nice bottles of wine or a six pack of craft beer, complete with bottle openers shaped like boots or horseshoes. Look to Leather for Inspiration Leather is the backbone of many a western wedding. One gift idea for the guys is to have custom tooled belts prepared for each groomsmen. Leather jewelry, such as cuff-style bracelets, can be custom tooled for the bridesmaids. Another option is leather wallets for the gents and small leather clutches for the ladies. Whatever option you choose, get it personalized to make it more special. You can have charms engraved with the recipients monogram or with the date of the wedding, for example. This will make your gift even more sentimental for your bridal...

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Five Wardrobe Essentials For The New Professional Woman

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As a new professional woman fresh out of college, you will need to learn how to dress for success. Chances are your budget is still small as you begin to establish yourself into your new career. The following five essentials will get you started, and then you can build up your wardrobe for there. #1: Dress Pants or Skirts Tailored wool blend pants have the necessary quality to last, since wool is a durable material that retains its shape and hang through multiple wearings and cleanings. If you wear skirts, opt for a classic A-line style since this will work well with a variety of tops. For pants, stick with a couple of pairs in a neutral color, such as khaki, navy, black, or gray. A skirt is most versatile in black or charcoal gray. Having two or three pants or skirts allows you to rotate them through the week. #2: A Blazer A jacket can instantly make most outfits look more dressy. You can even pair a blazer with a t-shirt and dress pants for a professional ensemble. Choose a tailored jacket that falls to the center of the hips, since this style will complement most body shapes and outfit choices. A neutral black, navy, or gray provides the most versatility and won’t look dated. #3: Basic Blouses The key with adding shirts into the wardrobe is to make sure they go with all of your bottoms and your blazer. This way, you can get away with owning just a couple of shirts until your budget allows for a wardrobe expansion. White shirts are the go-to for a young professional. You can add more interest by choosing shirts with various designs, such as a crisp tailored shirt, a ruffled shirt, and a short sleeve shirt. #4: Shoes There’s no need to own several pairs of work shoes. One pair of comfortable black pumps or heels will work well with almost any outfit. They can even make the transition to evening attire, if you desire. Since you only need one pair, invest in a quality pair that fits well and is comfortable for a long day at work. #5: A Cocktail Dress The little black dress is a must for many young professionals, since you will need something to wear to outside work events, such as product launches, entertaining clients, or networking parties. Opt for a conservative cut – avoid low-cut or tight-fitting dresses for work use. Dresses that hit right above or at the knees and that aren’t strapless are a safe bet for your for your first work cocktail dress. For more information, contact Danza Vita or a similar...

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